Code Enforcement

Living in the City limits vs out in the county
We have rules and regulations to keep neighbors safe
The City of Celeste is responsible for policing violations of city ordinances, junk vehicles, general nuisances and other offensive conditions concerning the public health and welfare. 
Here is a list of important things to remember:
Dogs must be on a leash or fenced
You can have goats, chickens, roosters as long as they are in a fence
Pigs are not allowed in the city limits
Must get a permit for a garage sale (1st garage sale is free 2nd only cost $10.00)
If you have a pool you must have a fence with a self locking gate so children do not drown
No fireworks in town
Side by sides/four wheeler are not street legal
Permits are required for any work that effects the structure of a building
Questions? Contact City Hall